From Brain to Bookshop

1: Selling words to the world


This is the very first ‘From Brain to Bookshop’ video – and as such, I should include a disclaimer. That is, first and foremost I am a writer, certainly not a videographer. I have included information that I find interesting – and, hopefully, can at least spark discussion or debate with your students. There may not be as much sparkle or razzmatazz as they’re perhaps used to with other content creators, but I’m crossing my fingers it cuts the mustard. 

A Challenge

Download a PDF that you can use alongside the other three documents below. It includes some explanations – with a focus on the ‘target audience’, as discussed in the video – along with a challenge at the end. If any of your students happen to write a particularly good response to the challenge then I would love to read it! It would also be great to get some of the curious and quirky facts they may think of in response to the video’s prompt. 

Piece 1

The first of the three documents to go along with the challenge – a sample of a story written for an American dog magazine called Fido Friendly

Piece 2

The second of the three documents, this is a poem (written in the style of Hilaire Belloc) and tells the tale of Penelope Patterson-Pound, who hoped to sail around the world. The illustrations are by the fantastic Sarah Gledhill, who also brought my Jolly Ollie series to life. 

Piece 3

The third and final one of the three documents, this is a piece written for the Four Seasons hotel on Nevis offering a lighthearted look at birdlife on the island. 

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