“Lizzie and Bobby, our intrepid duo, completely swept me up in their incredible journey. They come alive in the pages. Both children are relatable, both brave, both a little flawed, both real.”

Erica Field, Teaching and Learning Advisor (KS2 -4), Rochdale Council


“The beginning is the moment before it all goes wrong…”

Nobody ever tells Lizzie anything. Her mother’s dead, and her father’s hiding in his work. So when she heads off into the Canadian wilderness with her friend Bobby to find out about her family, no one really notices.

The truths she uncovers about her great-grandparents’ past are laced with dangerous secrets.

Nobody must be allowed to know what happened. And nobody wants to take the blame.


Based on a true story and a real, raw quest for truth, Silver River Shadow shines a light on a country’s darkest secrets and the extraordinary people who worked to bring them to the world.

This is Book 1 in the ‘A Little Yellow Plane Adventure’ series.


Available as both an ebook and in paperback, released on 8th August 2022

Illustrations by Sarah Jane Docker

Available around the world – from all the big names, and any indie bookstore you come across. Click on the logos for links.

“Extensively researched…an incredibly powerful read”

Jon Biddle, Year 5/6 teacher & English lead

Silver River Shadow is a thing of beauty, living up to the promise of the gorgeous front cover… For any teachers out there, it offers a wealth of opportunities for writing in different genres. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

Erica Field, Teaching and Learning Advisor, Rochdale Council

This was a refreshing read, it depicted a youthful insight into an intriguing adventure, a mystery that keeps you hooked… I adored the idea of a hunt inspired by ancestry, investigating not only the main characters’ sense of belonging but also the wonderful portrayal of long-standing friendship and community. Thomas has described settings and surroundings impeccably allowing the reader to really delve, imagine and experience the journey of Lizzie.”

Tina Coyne, Primary Teacher, UK

I was hooked straight away! Drawn in by little Lizzie and her life at the beginning of the book. I was rooting for her from the very start, hoping she’d find her way… and boy did she! A rip roaring adventure that sucks you in from start to finish, made even better by the author’s note at the end! A fabulous read!

Rachel Jones, Yr 6 Primary Teacher, UK

“I can imagine I would have been enthralled by the journey had I read it as a child.

I can already think of children who will devour this in one sitting and then nag me for another.”

L Rigby, Primary Librarian

“It wasn’t what I was expecting to read but it was brilliant. It was a thought-provoking book that made me aware of issues I had no idea about. It was well written, particularly the relationship between the characters. The relationships developed from being a person they knew into a person that they could rely on. Excellent historical references and links to the struggles of indigenous people.”

Joanne Lovell, Assistant Headteacher, Holbeach Primary Academy

I loved the themes raised by the book. Environmental awareness, rights of indigenous communities, exploitation by the rich and the powerful, mercury poisoning – all are done justice to.”

BookSirens reviewer

I really enjoyed this book and thought it highlighted important points without being preachy. I think it would appeal to children who are not from the US or Canada as the messages about protecting the environment are international.”

Kate Frow, Primary Teacher UK

A lovely, well-written story based on real- life events. From ‘the beginning of the end’, I was hooked to find out what happened to Lizzie… It’s a very easy read, which would make a great class novel for the teachers out there. If it was being used as a link to the curriculum, I would recommend UKS2. It covers an important environmental issue (which I knew nothing about) spanning many years and covers many important facts and figures, which are brought to life through two mini-adventurers, who find the truth- and each other. In the words of Bobby, “You just wait, guys. You just wait…” “

L Goodman, Primary Teacher & English Lead, UK

New novel dives into the ‘Silver River’ of Grassy Narrows

An author from the UK is shining a light on the poisoning of Grassy Narrows First Nation members over the last fifty years, with a new novel aimed to bring the story to youth.

Kenora Online

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