“Eating the blackberries,

purple and plump,

picking out tree trunks

for scratching the rump…”

‘The Cornish Stories’ are a series of picture books featuring real-life ex-racehorse Baz and his three Dartmoor pony sisters.

“There goes the starter

and off he must run – 

chasing and chasing,

the race has begun.”


‘Blackberries aren’t that scary’ is the first in the series and follows Baz’s life from racetrack to hedgerows and fields. Written in a fun clip-clop rhyme, it’s easy to read aloud. 

‘Hoofbeats in the Moonlight’ is the second book, and this time readers are whisked away on an adventure to Bodmin Moor. Fast-paced and fun, readers are barrelled along with Baz and his Dartmoor Pony sisters. 

The books are perfect for children ages 4+ or anyone with a horse obsession.

Illustrations by Sarah Gledhill

The books can be purchased from any bookshop in the UK, or online here. Every effort has been made to make all parts of the process as eco-friendly as possible.

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