“A beautifully written story with historical accuracy. The characters are wonderful: believable and compassionate.”

Helen Creak, Year 6 Teacher


“There are often good reasons people do bad things. Remember that.”

Lizzie and Bobby may be escaping a freezing winter and heading to the tropical heat of Thailand but, as they’ve been firmly told, it’s not a vacation. They’ve been promised schoolwork and a personal tutor and little chance of seeing much else. But a schoolfriend has asked them to deliver two little silver bars to her great-grandmother in Bangkok – and Lizzie did swear she’d do it.

Giving their minder the slip, the pair end up taking a night train to Laos and starting an epic quest to get the bars back to their rightful owners.

A simple promise suddenly turns deadly serious. Are the secrets the bars hold really worth dying for?


Based on true stories of Laos’ Secret War, this is a tale of determination, inner strength, and the secrets that bind us.

This is Book 2 in the ‘A Little Yellow Plane Adventure’ series.


Available as both an ebook and in paperback, released on 28th August 2023

Cover illustration by Sarah Jane Docker

Available around the world – from all the big names, and any indie bookstore you come across. Click on the logos for links.

Just read it and loved it… I do love how you touch on aspects of history that most people are unaware of.

Jon Biddle, Year 5/6 teacher & English lead

There is much to enjoy in Whispers of a Million Elephants. Firstly, the title is a chef’s kiss to what awaits the reader inside. The author paints a vivid portrait of the locations, namely Bangkok and Laos with the love, care and reverence of someone who genuinely loves these places… 

There are a couple of extremely moving sections of narrative. The author handles these with sensitivity and a gentle hand. The imagery in these sections are absolutely wonderful… Readers would have to be made of stone to not be moved by the sections to which I’m referring.

I appreciated the section at the back explaining the historical reality of the situation in Laos. This was, again, gently but urgently told and referenced the narrative to make valid educational points.”

Year 6 Teacher, UK

A wonderful homage to Laos, the adventure/mission to return the bars to a family is a wonderful excuse to take us on a journey from the city to “a people” into a different culture and think about the time during the Vietnam War. In the end, the author addresses with an extra chapter the facts behind this story and more detail about the war.

Educational and lyrical. The covers for all the books in this series are beautiful.

BookSirens reviewer

Two spirited pre-teens take on an adventure without the fear of consequences that often hold adults back. Feisty Bobby and thoughtful Lizzie are great foils for each other. Interesting characters join them on their adventure adding to the fun and intrigue.

There’s a lot to learn from this story, for kids and adults alike. Fast-paced, fun and informative, it’s a terrific story for 9-12 year old and curious adults.

BookSirens reviewer

“I have just finished the book and I loved it. Like the last book, it’s an adventure but with a history lesson woven into it. I love the two main characters… They are two different characters but link well together. I love how their adventures seem to happen and they are such colourful and exciting ones. 

I loved reading this book and my class of Y6 would love it too.

Joanne Lovell, Yr 6 Teacher

“It’s another enchanting story, with a serious undertone and a great sequel to Silver River Shadow. The writing always capture my imagination and makes me feel like I’m almost there, experiencing Lizzie and Bobby’s adventures –  the excitement, the pace, the colours and the disappointments.

I think it’s wonderful that these are books aimed at a younger reader, which help to explain the background to some of the more difficult historical events/ atrocities of the past, that still very much impact peoples’ lives today, as seen through the eyes of children. Hopefully, they may influence a new generation to think about how their actions and those of our political leaders impact others – wherever they may be.”

Sue Murrow, UK reader

“I so enjoyed reading your manuscript.  What an incredibly interesting story!  I do think it would be popular with American young people and also would be important for them to read. 

Your book resonates with me because of the many years I spent teaching about the Vietnam War and its horrific aftermath. I think your novel would help young people realize the different ways in which people are affected by war.  It could also encourage them to learn more about the war and about the Hmong people. It is especially timely because of the recent results of our departure from Afghanistan when we had to leave behind so many people who had supported us there.”

Susanne Fox, Ph.D., Retired Chair of the Department of History and American Studies at Wesley College, Dover, Delaware

“This book is full of rich descriptions that make it easy to imagine the sights. It tells of an unknown story from a child’s point of view with amazing innocence and feelings of injustice. This is a book that should comfortably sit on any classroom bookshelf.”

Year 6 Primary Teacher, UK

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