“A lonely girl sat and looked at the skies,

at the clouds of the pink cockatoos,

some little corks hung from the edge of her hat,

on her shirt there were two kangaroos…”

The ‘Jolly Ollie’ books are a series of gorgeous picture books that follow an octopus as he explores the world.

“And when they arrived in the skyscraper city

they swirled and they whirled through the sky – 

twisting and turning and tumbling down,

feeling the world rushing by.”

Each of the books is based around an untranslatable word such as ‘sawubona’, a Zulu greeting. Facts and philosophy are woven into the stories, and there are bonus pages of fun rhyming facts written around a common thread.

The stories are all told in rhythmical rhyme and are ideal for advanced young readers looking to explore age-appropriate texts.

Illustrations by Sarah Gledhill

The books can be purchased from any bookshop in the UK, or online here. Every effort has been made to make all parts of the process as eco-friendly as possible.

“Ollie brought the perfect blend of joy, education and enchantment to our bedtime reading. The book is filled with hidden treasures and we can’t get enough of the rhyming sea creature facts.”

“With thought-provoking ideas and lovely illustrations, ‘Jolly Ollie Octopus’ may well become a future classic.”

“Absolutely loved this book. Something magical about it for young and old. Everyone needs a Jolly Ollie octopus in their life. He can lighten up the dullest moment and definitely adds a splash of colour to the world.”

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