“Dad says I can learn everything I want to know from books, or by asking him. Only he’s not around much, so it’s just books for me.” 

Silver River Shadow


I worked for years as the Head of Content Development for Asia’s largest educational publisher – developing and implementing language and literature programmes from KS1 through to KS5. I have also produced materials alongside Pearson, The British Council, the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Nickelodeon.

I have taught in classrooms in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. These diverse experiences have enabled me to create a range of engaging resources to help teachers use my books in the classroom.

I am available for school visits, both virtual and in person, where I can lead creative writing classes and in-depth age-appropriate explorations of my books. Please contact me for more information.

Although available throughout the year, I can organise specific and special lessons and activities for schools and libraries on particular dates; see below for suggestions and some sample activities.

Please click here for information and prices about school visits related to ‘Silver River Shadow’, and here for further details about school visits linked to ‘Jolly Ollie Octopus’.


January 26th – Australia Day – ‘Jolly Ollie and his Australian Adventure’

January 22nd 2023 – Chinese New Year – ‘Jolly Ollie and his Asian Odyssey’



February – 1st week – Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week – all books

February 3rd – World Read Aloud Day – all Jolly Ollie books

February 14th – International Book Giving Day – all books


March 5th-12th – Read an ebook week – Silver River Shadow

1st Thursday in March – World Book Day – all books

March 22nd – World Water Day – Silver River Shadow


April 22nd – World Earth Day – Silver River Shadow

National Poetry Month – Jolly Ollie series

Last Saturday in April – Indie Bookstore Day – all books


Mental Health Awareness Month – the Jolly Ollie series

May 2nd-8th – Children’s Book Week – all books

May 16th – Love a Tree Day – Jolly Ollie and his Australian Adventure


June 5th – World Environment Day – Silver River Shadow

June 8th – World Oceans Day – the Jolly Ollie series

June 15th – Nature Photography Day – the Jolly Ollie series



July 1st – Canada Day – Silver River Shadow

July 30th – International Friendship Day – the Jolly Ollie series

Transitions (children having the final days in their school year) – Jolly Ollie and his Asian Odyssey


August – National Water Quality Month – Silver River Shadow

August 23rd – National Ride the Wind Day – the Jolly Ollie series



September 17th – Coastal Cleanup Day – Jolly Ollie Octopus

September 30th – Orange Shirt Day [Day of Truth and Reconciliation, Canada] – Silver River Shadow 


October 6th – Mad Hatter’s Day – Silver River Shadow

October 8th – World Octopus Day – the Jolly Ollie series

October 20th – National Day of Writing – all books


November – Picture Book Month – the Jolly Ollie series

November – first week – Ghost Supper – Silver River Shadow

November 13th – World Kindness Day – Jolly Ollie Octopus



December 4th – World Wildlife Conservation Day – all books

December 7th – National Letter Writing Day – Silver River Shadow, and, Jolly Ollie and his Asian Odyssey

December 10th – Human Rights Day – Silver River Shadow

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